He's the one who helped make queer hip-hop emerge in the early 2010s. He especially evolved, refined his flow, his attitude and his productions, more and more controlled.
Interview with Cakes Da Killa, who will perform at Ausgang on August 17 for the CamelToe party by MuthaDust.

Hey! It’s a pleasure to have a little chat with you!

“The pleasure is all mine.”

How do you enjoy Montréal? 

“Montréal is actually one of my favorite cities and one of the first places to really embrace me as an artist.”

In 2016 you released your first album, Hedonism talks about sexuality, social relationships, travelling, parties… What will be your main themes? We’re do you feel your at right now?

“Right now my music is focusing more on this adult phase I’m in. If Hedonism was a night at the club, then this new project is me waking with a hangover in a stranger’s bed. 

I’ve grown a lot since then, sworn off men and live in Georgia. Let’s just say I’m in a different place.” 

A lot of media tend to put your “queer” image in the forefront of the discussion instead of talking about your raw MC talent. How do you feel about that?

“I think it’s lazy. Some people do use that angle as a marketing tool for traction but for me I want my music and my talent to always be the center of those types of conversations.”

What did you listen to growing up? What are your main influences?

“I listened to a lot of different things. One moment I could be listening to Hole the next Fantasia. I’ve always had a very broad taste in music. I just like what I like.“

What is your creation process? How do you come up with ideas for your songs?

“My process involves a lot of wine and a lot of sulking. My ideas come from my life. Whether I’m walking in a bar and overhear a story that I think would make a good concept or even reflecting on things I’ve written in my journal. My projects always have a sort of retrospective feel.”

What is the best compliment and worst someone did about you or your music?

“The best compliment is when people tell me they’ve had sex to my music. That is thee most intimate thing ever so it makes me feel powerful that I could assist in the moment. 

I think the worst thing anyone has ever said about me was I didn’t have any artistic merit. Whatever that means.” 

What are your next projects?

“I’m dropping a single early August off my upcoming project.” 

Are you hyped for your next Montréal visit?

“Always hyped!” 

Interviewed by Clément Ginon.

Cakes da killa will perform at Ausgang on August 17 for the CamelToe party by MuthaDust.

If you want to (re) discover Cakes Da Killa, you can listen to it below!